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Blindspot Monitoring

Area B | Prohibition of access !

The Council of State, with Judgment No. 1884/2024 published on February 26, 2024, upheld the appeal filed by the Municipality of Milan against the judgment of the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court, which had annulled the resolution establishing the circulation ban in zone B for vehicles (categories M2, M3, N2, and N3) lacking a specific blind spot warning sticker and systems for detecting pedestrians and cyclists.

Blind spot monitoring systems for heavy duty vehicles

Discover cutting-edge blind spot monitoring systems for heavy-duty vehicles brought to you by Sensata PreView. Our advanced technology is designed to enhance safety and minimize risks for operators of large vehicles. With innovative radar-based solutions, we provide real-time alerts to drivers, effectively mitigating blind spot-related accidents and improving overall situational awareness. Experience a new level of safety and confidence with Sensata PreView's specialized blind spot monitoring systems. #Anticollision #radar #activemonitoring #heavydutyvehicles #blindspot #HVAC #safetyroads

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