PreView PRECOlink

Blindspot Monitoring

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  • 2024 News
Manufacturer: Sensata PreView

Connects your PreView Sentry® and SideDefender®II sensors wirelessly


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The PreView® - PRECOlink Wireless CAN Bus Bridge connects your PreView Sentry® and SideDefender®II sensors wirelessly to our in-cab HMI. This wireless technology simplifies installations that require long cables, and provides a solution for tractor/trailer combinations, articulated trucks and busses, cranes, telehandlers, and many other applications where cabling installation is difficult or impossible. 
With PreView® Radar ADAS solutions, you’re protecting people, property, and your bottom line, with the most advanced side and rear object detection solutions on the planet.
Installing those systems is now simplified with the PreView® - PRECOlink.


  • Supports multi-sensor systems
  • Up to 60m range between devices
  • Environmentally hardened/robust (IP69K, IP67)
  • The devices come pre-paired and ready to use
  • Certified for use in United States, Canada, European Union, Australia/New Zealand and the UK


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