• Nissha FIS R32 gas detection module

    Nissha FIS contributes to the prevention of global warming offering this R32 gas detection module

  • Sensori ozono

    #ozono per sanificazioni #sensori ozono #ozone

  • GVZ components at Refrigera 2021

    #refrigera 2021

Sensata distributed by GVZ
Nissha distributed by GVZ
Pyreos distributed by GVZ
GSS distributed by GVZ
Merit sensor distributed by GVZ
SHINYEI distributed by GVZ
GIGAVAC distributed by GVZ
MAXTEC distributed by GVZ
NUVAP distributed by GVZ
SEMEATECH distributed by GVZ
TEVISO distributed by GVZ
ALTELIX distributed by GVZ
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Hermetically Sealed Contactor, up to 900 VDC 150 A


Hydrogen (H2) gas leak detection module - 5V - Analogue output


SAL2 Joystick

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