• MLD Detectors

    Unique smart refrigerant or flammable gas detectors
    designed for the HVAC-R market.
  • Battery Management Systems


    In addition to a wide range of contactors and EVCC we are now able to provide BMS (Battery Management Systems), Insulation Control Devices and Current sensing Devices.
  • Sentry®79

    New PreView Sentry®79
    Accurately detects and tracks
    up to 64 people or objects
    Optional wireless connectivity.

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Gas sensors

We have improved
our website with
filters to help
you find the
right sensor
for your application.


HVAC sensors
optimize indoor
comfort, energy
and air quality.


These are highly
devices for
safety tasks in a
wide variety of
electrical vehicles.

High V Relays

in systems where
voltage levels
exceed the
of standard relays

Resonix RGD

Sensata's new
patented gas
for refrigerant
gas leakage

Blindspot Monitor

New 79 GHz
front and rear
radar sensor for
back and front
collision avoidance

Our mission

We help vital industries to solve crucial challenges

GVZ Components is a leading supplier for EMEA sensors market with more than 40 years of experience

Providing the industry with Gas and pressure sensors, oxygen sensors, particle sensors, radon gamma and X-ray sensors, hydrogen sensors, contactors, high voltage relays, fuses, blind spot monitoring systems for heavy duty vehicles and more.

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