Gas Chromatography

Nissha FIS SGC (Sensor Gas Chromatograph) realizes quick gas separation and super gas sensitivity by using Nissha FIS original semiconductor gas sensor technology.
SGC can be used to detect very small gas in various fields.

  • Factory environment measurement - Environmental measurement inside and outside a factory, malodor processing ability check, etc.
  • Garbage odor control - Garbage released odor control, odor prevention in the neighborhood, etc.
  • Deodorizer performance evaluation - Performance and deterioration evaluation for deodorizers, etc.
  • Food freshness check/food production quality control - Quality control and freshness check in food processing process, etc.
  • Very small amount gas analysis in R&D - Very small amount gas analysis in R&D of environmental, medical, and micro-organism fields.
  • Nissha-FIS®
Target Gas
  • Ammonia - NH3
  • Carbon monoxide - CO
  • Ethanol - C2H5OH
  • VOC
Medical equipment
  • Analysers

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