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Understanding CO2 - Properties and Dangers

Understanding CO2: Properties, Dangers, and the Role of Sensors

A2L Gases and MLD detectors

The realm of refrigeration and cooling is rapidly evolving, driven by a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

GVZ Components recognized among market leaders

An extensive analysis on A2L refrigerant gas sensors recognizes GVZ Components as one of the major competitor in the field

Woman Hit and Killed by Amsa Truck in Milan

A 75-year-old elderly woman has become the latest victim of Milan's roads in this tragic year of 2023.

New GTM400 and GTM500 Bidirectional Contactors

Sensata Technologies Introduces GTM400 and GTM500 Bidirectional Contactors.

Italy is not a bike-friendly country

Italy is not a bike-friendly country: we have the highest number of deaths per kilometer in Europe.

Empowering IoT and Industry 4.0 with Advanced Precision Motors

In an age where technology pervades every aspect of our lives, the electronic design industry stands at the forefront of innovation.

Yet another tragedy in Milan

Yesterday in Milan, another tragic road accident occurred involving a heavy vehicle and a cyclist, a 28-year-old woman this time.

What are Position Sensors and Encoders

Position Sensors measure a physical parameter known as position in an application and provide feedback to a control system or operator.

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