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Company Profile


GVZ Components is a premier European distributor and manufacturer of high-quality sensors and components. As a trusted partner of Sensata Technologies, we proudly offer products from renowned brands such as Klixon, Airpax, Kavlico, Gigavac, Schrader, Sensor Nite, Bei Sensor, Bei Kimco, Deltatech, Sensata InSight, Crydom, Lithium Balance and Sendyne.
Moreover, GVZ Components is a distributor of other well known international brands specializing in industrial, automotive, HVAC, HVOR, hydrogen and electrification applications.

History and Evolution

Founded in 1978 by Guido Gariboldi, GVZ Components started by distributing GTE Sylvania’s glass bottle motor protectors in Italy, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe. In 1988, we expanded into the Italian market with Figaro Engineering, a Japanese industrial gas sensor manufacturer, significantly growing our gas sensor business. By 1992, we became the exclusive distributor for FIS Inc. (now NISSHA FIS), a leading Japanese semiconductor gas sensor manufacturer.

In 2006, Sensata Technologies was formed through the merger of First Technologies (formerly GTE) and part of Texas Instruments. Recognized as a primary distributor, GVZ broadened its product portfolio and strengthened its position in the industrial, automotive, HVAC, and HVOR markets.

Global Reach and Expansion

In 2016, GVZ further solidified its partnership with Sensata by becoming the global distributor for the Alternative Fuel Market portfolio. This expansion allowed us to supply the entire EMEA region and key global accounts in Canada, the USA, and India.

Evolution into Manufacturing

Since 2023, GVZ Components has not only excelled as a distributor but has also emerged as a producer. We proudly introduce our own line of gas detectors, the MLD series, which covers refrigerants, flammables, methane, and hydrogen. This new venture enhances our commitment to providing high-quality, innovative solutions to our customers.

Expanding into Electrification

Recognizing the growing demand for electrification, GVZ Components has expanded its product offerings to include components for electric vehicles (EVs). Our electrification product range includes EVCC control units, BMS (Battery Management Systems), voltage and current sensors, isolation control modules, fuses, and thermal runaway sensors. These components are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the evolving EV market, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Diverse Partnerships and Products

Today, under the leadership of Paolo Gariboldi, GVZ Components has partnered with a diverse range of companies including Merit Sensor (MEMS pressure sensors), GSS (CO2 infrared sensing solutions), Maxtec (medical oxygen sensors), Shinyei (particulate and humidity/temperature sensors), Rincon Power (manual disconnect switches), Semeatech (electrochemical sensors), Teviso (radiation sensors), Altelix (waterproof enclosures), NevadaNano (multi-gas sensors), Riken Keiki (portable and fixed gas sensor devices), and SaverOne (preventing smartphone distraction while driving).

Our Mission and Approach

At GVZ Components, our mission goes beyond merely selling components. We collaborate closely with our customers' technical teams to support product development, ensuring that we meet performance, branding, and uniqueness targets. This close partnership with OEM design centres enables us to create custom solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Why Choose GVZ Components?

GVZ Components stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. Our extensive experience and strong partnerships with industry-leading brands make us a trusted supplier for high-performance sensors and components. Whether you are in the industrial, automotive, HVAC, HVOR, or electrification sectors, GVZ Components is your go-to partner for reliable and innovative solutions.

Discover how GVZ Components can help drive your business forward with our unparalleled expertise and comprehensive product range. Our warehouse, located in Milan, guarantees quick supply and production continuity.