Explore our extensive collection of contactors sourced from reputable industry leaders, including Sensata Gigavac, and Rinconpower. Discover reliable solutions for efficient power management and control, catering to a spectrum of industries and requirements. Coil voltage, Continuous Current, and Rated voltage are crucial for defining the characteristics and performance of a contactor. These specifications provide essential information about how the contactor operates and the conditions it can handle. Here's a breakdown of what each parameter signifies:

  1. Coil Voltage: The coil voltage is the electrical voltage required to energize the contactor's coil and close its main contacts. It's a critical parameter because it determines how the contactor can be activated. Contactors come in various coil voltage options to match the power supply available in a specific application.

  2. Continuous Current: The continuous current rating indicates the maximum current that the contactor can handle in a continuous, ongoing manner without overheating. This parameter is fundamental for selecting a contactor that can manage the electrical load without tripping due to excessive heat buildup.

  3. Rated Voltage: The rated voltage represents the voltage level at which the contactor is designed to operate. It's essential to ensure that the contactor's rated voltage matches the voltage of the circuit it will be used in. Using a contactor with a rated voltage that doesn't match the circuit voltage could lead to unreliable performance or failure.

  • Sensata Gigavac®
  • Rincon Power®
Select Series
  • GV Contactors 12-1000 Vdc
  • GX Contactors 12-800 Vdc
  • HX Contactors 12-1500 Vdc
  • MX Contactors 12-100 Vdc
  • P Serie 12-1500 Vdc MiniTACTOR
  • RinconPower Contactors
  • Manually Disconnect
Continuos Current
  • 20 Amp
  • 30 Amp
  • 50 Amp
  • 60 Amp
  • 80 Amp
  • 100 Amp
  • 150 Amp
  • 200 Amp
  • 225 Amp
  • 250 Amp
  • 300 Amp
  • 350 Amp
  • 400 Amp
  • 500 Amp
  • 600 Amp
  • 800 Amp
  • 1000 Amp
Voltage Rating up to
  • 48V
  • 100V
  • 800V
  • 900V
  • 1000V
  • 1200V
  • 1500V
  • Ceramic
  • Epoxy

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