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Manufacturer: SaverOne

Disable cell phone distractions while driving


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Cell phone distraction while driving is one of the most significant causes for car accidents worldwide.
SaverOne’s system recognizes the device within the driver's zone then automatically connects it to the SaverOne app

saverone - drive safety

How it works

  • saferone - drive without distractions

    Driver Area Mobile Recognition

    SaverOne activates only when driving, and automatically detects all mobile devices operating in the driver's zone.

  • Establish Connection

    SaverOne’s system recognizes the device within the driver's zone then automatically connects it to the 
    SaverOne app.

  • Vehicle is Protected

    SaverOne prevents the use of distracting apps. When stopped, full functionality returns.

  • Alarm is Activated

    If the system cannot connect to the SaverOne app, an alarm is activated, reminding the driver to reconnect.

On a mission to save lives

Cellular distraction is the leading cause of road accidents worldwide. While most existing safety measures focus on reducing damage, warning of a risk of an accident, or correcting driver errors, SaverOne controls/preempts the distraction.

Install the App

Download and install the app for your device and you are ready to go! 


  • Activates only when driving - When the vehicle stops, the driver has full access to his mobile
  • Differentiation between driver & passenger- blocks only the driver

Who is it intended for?

  • Insurance companies
  • Car rental companies and Corporate fleets
  • Public transport companies
  • Freight transport companies


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