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MLD Refrigerants


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    • NEW !
    Manufacturer: GVZ Components

    Gas Leakage detector for A1, A2L, A3

      • No field calibration
      • No cross sensitivity
      • Long lifetime 15+ years
      • Fail safe (built-in diagnostic)
      • A1 gas concentration 400-2500ppm
      • A2L, A3 gas concentration 5-100% LEL
      • Built-in T and Rh compensation
      • Immune to poisoning
      • Operating range -40° to 75° C, 0-100% Rh
      • Modbus, 2x Relays and 2x Analogue Output (ALL IN ONE)
      • HVAC Systems
      • Refrigeration
      • Cool Store
      • Hotels ventilation system
      • Home & Building automation
      • Mobile HVAC units
      • Railway conditioning

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    MLD gas detector in a server room

    Molecular Leakage Detector for A1, A2L, A3 refrigerant gas based on ultimate MPS™ technology. Hydrogen Detection READY.

    This refrigerant gas detector is a unique solution using the latest MPS™ (Molecular Property Spectrometry™) technology to indicate the presence of low GWP A1, A2L and A3 refrigerant gas providing both a continuos signal proportional to the gas concentration and the activation via relay for alarming once a prefixed (and settable) level is reached.
    It combines all the advantages of MPS™ technology as in terms of long lifetime, no field calibration, built-in environmental compensation, no poisoning, wide temperature operating range and durability with a dedicated electronic board for easy interfacing the common control units thanks to the multiple outputs: Modbus, 2x Relays and 2x Analogue Output (ALL IN ONE).

    mld gas detector sample application
    Technology Molecular Property Spectrometry™ by NevadaNano
    Gas detected A1
    R404A, R407C
    R32, R454B, R454C
    R290, R170, R600, R600a
    Response Time (T90) <20 sec. <15 sec. <20 sec.
    Resolution 1ppm 0,1% LEL 0,1% LEL
    Lifetime 15+ years

    MLD Gas PN Gas Type Measuring Range Accuracy (0-50 %LEL)
    guaranteed across full environmental range
    (ISO 10156)
    Accuracy @25%LEL
    guaranteed across full environmental range
    (ISO817/ASHRAE 34)
    Accuracy ≤25 %LEL
    @ 20 °C - 50 %RH
    (UL 60335-2-40)
    1 --        
    2 R290 0-100% LEL ± 6% LEL    
    3 R32 0-100% LEL   ± 3% LEL ± 2.5% LEL
    4 R454B 0-100% LEL   ± 5% LEL ± 2.5% LEL
    5 R454C 0-100% LEL   ± 5% LEL ± 2.5% LEL
    6 R600
    0-100% LEL ± 5% LEL    


    Signals Output

    Gas concentration, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Status, Prealarm, Alarm, Fault, Lifetime

    Measurament Output

    Digital:  Modbus (RS-485)
    Analog: 4-20mA
    Analog: 0,4-2V
    Dry Contacts: 2x Relays (Alarm1 / Alarm2 / Fault)

    Visual Information

    Visual: 3x LEDs (Status / Alarm1 / Alarm2 / Fault)

    Supply Voltage


    Power Consumption

    35mA average - 50mA peak

    Operating Temperature

    -40° to +75°C

    Operating Humidity

    0 - 100% RH

    Operating Pressure

    80 to 120 kPa

    Protection grade


    Dimensions MLD-S4

    128 x 89 x 37 mm

    Dimensions MLD-MN

    128 x 89 x 22 mm

    Certifications & Approvals

    CE, EMC, Rohs, IEC60335-2-40, EN60079-0, EN60079-11, ATEX
    SIL2 conformity according to EN50402 / IEC 50271 / IEC 50270 / IEC61508 ongoing