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Manufacturer: GVZ Components

Gas Leakage detector for A1, A2L, A3

    • No field calibration
    • No cross sensitivity
    • Long lifetime 15+ years
    • Fail safe (built-in diagnostic)
    • A1 gas concentration 400-2500ppm
    • A2L, A3 gas concentration 5-100% LEL
    • Built-in T and Rh compensation
    • Immune to poisoning
    • Operating range -40° to 75° C, 0-100% Rh
    • Modbus, 2x Relays and 2x Analogue Output (ALL IN ONE)
    • HVAC Systems
    • Refrigeration
    • Cool Store
    • Hotels ventilation system
    • Home & Building automation
    • Mobile HVAC units
    • Railway conditioning

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MLD gas detector in a server room

Molecular Leakage Detector for A1, A2L, A3 refrigerant gas based on ultimate MPS technology. Hydrogen Detection READY.

This refrigerant gas detector is a unique solution using the latest MPS (Molecular Property Spectrometry) technology to indicate the presence of low GWP A1, A2L and A3 refrigerant gas providing both a continuos signal proportional to the gas concentration and the activation via relay for alarming once a prefixed (and settable) level is reached.
It combines all the advantages of MPS technology as in terms of long lifetime, no field calibration, built-in environmental compensation, no poisoning, wide temperature operating range and durability with a dedicated electronic board for easy interfacing the common control units thanks to the multiple outputs: Modbus, 2x Relays and 2x Analogue Output (ALL IN ONE).

mld gas detector sample application
Technology Molecular Property Spectrometry by NevadaNano
Gas detected A1
R404A, R407C
R32, R454B, R454C
R290, R170, R600, R600a
Response Time (T90) <20 sec. <15 sec. <20 sec.
Resolution 1ppm 0,1% LEL 0,1% LEL
Lifetime 15+ years

MLD Gas PN Gas Type Measuring Range Accuracy (0-50 %LEL)
guaranteed across full environmental range
(ISO 10156)
Accuracy @25%LEL
guaranteed across full environmental range
(ISO817/ASHRAE 34)
Accuracy ≤25 %LEL
@ 20 °C - 50 %RH
(UL 60335-2-40)
1 --        
2 R290 0-100% LEL ± 6% LEL    
3 R32 0-100% LEL   ± 3% LEL ± 2.5% LEL
4 R454B 0-100% LEL   ± 5% LEL ± 2.5% LEL
5 R454C 0-100% LEL   ± 5% LEL ± 2.5% LEL
6 R600
0-100% LEL ± 5% LEL    


Signals Output

Gas concentration, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Status, Prealarm, Alarm, Fault, Lifetime

Measurament Output

Digital:  Modbus (RS-485)
Analog: 4-20mA
Analog: 0,4-2V
Dry Contacts: 2x Relays (Alarm1 / Alarm2 / Fault)

Visual Information

Visual: 3x LEDs (Status / Alarm1 / Alarm2 / Fault)

Supply Voltage


Power Consumption

35mA average - 50mA peak

Operating Temperature

-40° to +75°C

Operating Humidity

0 - 100% RH

Operating Pressure

80 to 120 kPa

Protection grade


Dimensions MLD-S4

128 x 89 x 37 mm

Dimensions MLD-MN

128 x 89 x 22 mm

Certifications & Approvals

CE, EMC, Rohs, IECEx, IEC60335-2-40, ATEX
EN60079-0, EN60079-11: Intrinsecally Safe device - Gr.II Cat.3G Ex ic IIA/IIC TX Gc
On running tests for SIL1/SIL2  according to EN50402 / IEC50271


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