MLD Hydrogen

Manufacturer: GVZ Components

Gas Leakage detector for Hydrogen (H2)


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MLD methane detector

MLD gas detector for Hydrogen with built-in NevadaNano MPS sensor technology.

As the amount of interest and projects for alternative energy solutions based on Hydrogen increase more and more, we couldn't miss the opportunity to provide a reliable detector to prevent hydrogen leakages. 
Our MLD Hydrogen gas detector with built-in NevadaNano MPS Technology is able to ensure high sensitivity, 2 alarms with tuneable thresholds, zero calibration nor maintenance needed, complete poison immunity, constant accuracy and performance for the 15+ years sensor's lifetime..


  • No field calibration
  • No cross sensitivity
  • Long lifetime 15+ years
  • Fail safe (built-in diagnostic)
  • 3-100% LEL
  • Rh compensation
  • Immune to poisoning
  • Operating range -40° to 75° C, 0-100% Rh
  • Modbus, Relays and 4-20mA Output (ALL IN ONE)



MLD H2 with NevadaNano

Sensor Technology

Molecular Property Spectrometry

Sensor Type

MPS Mini

Gas Detected

Hydrogen H2

Detection Range

3-100% LEL


Digital: Modbus (RS-485)
Dry Contact: 2 Relays (2A)
(Alarm / Fault)
Analog: 4-20mA

Supply voltage

12 VDC (Optional 24 VDC)


9,8 x 4,8 x 2,2 cm

Operating temperature range

from -40 to +75 ºC

Operating humidity range

0 to 100 %RH



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