Resonix RGD

Gas Detectors

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  • 2024 News
Manufacturer: Sensata Technologies

Sensata's gas sensor for refrigerant leak detection

  • The RGD series received full certification for R32, R454A, R454B, and R454C refrigerants under UL 60335-2-40 Edition 4.


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Sensata’s RGD Series gas sensors provide OEMs and their customers the peace of mind that comes with no added maintenance for refrigerant leak detection.
These sensors have the longest lifetime and highest resiliency in high humidity, and condensation environments compared to other gas sensing technologies.

Sensata’s Resonix™ RGD sensors feature a unique, patented technology that measures the acoustic resonance of the surrounding air in real-time. Typically mounted near the evaporator coil, the sensors can trigger mitigation, such as a fan, when A2L gas is detected - venting it before it reaches unsafe levels.

Features & Benefits
  • Enhances service life of HVAC equipment
    • Industry leading lifetime (over 15 years) that aligns with equipment service lifetimes
    • Industry-leading response and start-up time for increased safety and flexibility
    • No calibration or re-zeroing required over lifetime
    • No false alarms for servicing due to fouling gases
  • Built to last in the toughest HVAC environments
    • Resilient to temperatures up to 105°C for short periods
    • IP54 rated to endure condensation and splashing
    • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range
    • Immune to degradation from continuous exposure to refrigerants
  • Brands
    Sensata Technologies®
  • Target Gas
    Refrigerant - Freon
  • Type
  • Technology
    Acoustic Resonance


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