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Manufacturer: GVZ Components

Compact multi­parameter indoor air quality board 


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The Air Quality Module by GVZ is an all­-in-­one solution for measuring the main parameters defining the air quality level. Highly flexible and customizable, this module gives new possibilities for environmental quality detection. In its complete configuration, it manages up to five sensors (CO2, Temperature, Relative Humidity, VOC and PM2.5). Ozone sensor is on the way to be added as well. With dimensions based on 3 modules electrical plaque, it is also the perfect solution for applications where reduced size is fundamental, such as wall ­mounted or compact air quality devices.

Main features

  • Compact multi­parameters module
  • UART/Modbus/Display (customizable) Output
  • Up to 5 Environmental sensors
  • Cost effective
  • Highly customizable

The Air Quality Module is a complete solution for measuring the basic parameters usually used to define the indoor air quality. Combining up to five environmental sensors, it returns the values via Modbus, UART, or Digital display. The values of CO2, Temperature, Relative Humidity, VOC and Particulate can be directly visible on the 4” digital display or transmitted via protocols to a remote unit. Thanks to multiple configurations, adjustable sampling frequency, low consumption and small size, the AQM is a highly flexible tool to control the air quality even in compact and portable devices.



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