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Manufacturer: Churod

Mounts in battery pack to sense thermal runaway


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The battery pressure sensor has the objective to measure absolute pressure in the battery pack of electric vehicle.
The sensor will provide a CAN or PWM output (2 different configuration are available) to battery management system (BMS), the pressure signal will be proportional to the measured pressure. The power consumption working mode of this sensor is either controlled by BMS through request pin (the one that takes precedence) or switched by sensor itself using monitored pressure as trigger condition.

When voltage on request pin is high level, sensor works at high consumption working mode and CAN communication with BMS is enabled. When voltage on request pin is low level, sensor works at low power consumption working mode to monitor internal pressure of battery pack discontinuously, and there is no CAN communication.
Once sensor monitored pressure triggers the set threshold, sensor will switch from low power consumption working mode to high power consumption working mode and send out a wake-up signal to BMS.


  • Mounts in battery pack to sense thermal runaway
  • Low power draw standby modes
  • CAN or PWM programmable types available
  • Quick response, high reliability
  • Good signal quality
- Automotive grade - FuSa capable


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