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Manufacturer: Sensata Technologies

Battery management in a compact footprint of 150 x 70 mm, for up to 24 cells in series


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The c-BMS24X offers robust battery management in a compact footprint of 150 x 70 mm, for up to 24 cells in series and 6 temperature sensors. Built on the market-proven hardware of the Lithium Balance c-BMS24, the c-BMS24X is equipped with brand new, advanced software features that enable improvements in vehicle range, uptime, and an optimized battery health and performance, such as:

  • Parallel pack support up to 10 battery packs
  • Easy battery swap functionality
  • Advanced SOC, SOH, SOP, SOE algorithms
  • Improved balancing algorithm for difficult-to-handle applications and cell chemistries such as LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and hybrid applications
  • Convenience features such as battery heater management and sleep mode


Power supply 6-35 V
Range of high voltage measurement 0 – 120 VDC
Accuracy of high voltage measurement ±1 VDC
Range of current measurement input Shunt ±200 mV
Accuracy of current measurement input Shunt ±0.5 mV -40 – 85 °C
Range of current measurement input (Hall effect sensor) 0.0 – 5.0 V, 0.0 -2.5 V current in, 2.5 V – 5.0 V current out
Accuracy of current measurement input (Hall effect sensor) ±1.25 mV -40 – 85 °C
Standby consumption (sleep mode) <2.5 mW
Active consumption <2.7 W
Supported CAN communication type CAN 2.0A/B 11 bit and 29 bit IDs
Supported CAN speeds 125, 250, 500, 1k kbit/sec
CAN ports 1
External General Purpose I/O’s 4 GP I/O (Active Low) and 4 inputs
Charger control interfaces CAN
Number of cells Up to 24 Cells. Minimum 11 V
Minimum detectable cell voltage 0 VDC
Maximum detectable cell voltage 5 VDC
Cell balancing topology Dissipative
Cell balancing current 200 mA, at cell voltage 4.2 V
Cell voltage typical sampling time 100 ms
Accuracy of single cell voltage ±1.6 mV at 25 °C
Range of Temperature measurements -40 to +85 °C
Accuracy of cell temperature (NTC) ±1 °C -40 – 85 °C
Patents Granted ZT 200780048774, EP 0781788.6, US 8.350.529
Temperature sensor channels Up to 6
Dimension 170 mm x 70 mm x 15 mm, 67 g
Parallel pack support Yes
Hot swap capability Yes
Hybrid SOC algorithm Yes


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