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Manufacturer: Sensata Technologies

Integrated BMS with 15 voltage channels


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The i-BMS is an integrated BMS with 15 voltage channels managing applications up to 60V, developed for the cost-optimized mass-production of two and three wheelers, such as scooters and motorbikes, and other low voltage applications such as AGVs, and robots.

It is equipped with all hardware features to manage and maintain a battery without additional external components, including a built-in pre-charge circuit, on-board current measurement, mosfet power switches for battery disconnect, and a DC/DC power supply.
The i-BMS can support battery packs connected in parallel, features “Hot Swap” functionality, and includes advanced software algorithms for SOC, SOH, SOE, and SOP calculations.

Parallel Pack Capable

The possibility to connect battery packs in parallel provides options for higher power density, more flexibility in battery design, and increased safety by limiting potential risks to a single battery pack instead of the full system.
Connect up to 6 of your battery packs in parallel with the i-BMS and swap these any time with easy via its “Hot Swap” feature.

Battery Hot Swap Support

Battery charging is time consuming and depending on use-case, may come with various issues, such as unwanted downtime in industrial applications or difficulty in charging on the road for EVs.
The i-BMS has the capability to completely eliminate these issues by supporting battery “Hot Swap” functionality.
Through its special algorithms, the i-BMS supports battery swapping for any use-case, whether it is to ensure continuous uptime for industrial applications or for eliminated charging time and range concerns for EVs via battery swap stations.


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