Incremental Rotary Encoder

Rotary Encoders

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Manufacturer: Sensata BEI Sensors

for position feedback and speed control


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Incremental encoders are the simplest and most commonly used encoder type. They are very good at feedback for speed control and can also be used for position feedback. When used as position feedback, they need to be re-homed to a reference after a loss of power.
They interface to common PLC and PC controllers and are a very robust staple of industrial control.
They come in a wide number of series. Also refer to our Position Sensors Selection Guide to get a comprehensive overview of the different products and options offered.

Product Name/Number Body Diameter Max Resolution IP Rating Datasheet
DHM5-DHK5-DHO5 Series Fixed and Programmable 58mm 500,000cpt IP65/IP67 DOWNLOAD
DHM5-DHK5-DHO5 Series Programmable by IO-Link 58mm 10,000cpt IP65/IP67 DOWNLOAD
DHO5S Series High Temperature 58mm 1,024ppr IP65/IP67 DOWNLOAD
DXM5-DXK5-DXO5 Series Fixed and Programmable 58mm 500,000cpt IP65/IP68/IP69K DOWNLOAD
E25 Series 2.5" 28,800cpt IP43 DOWNLOAD
ES20 Sealed 2" 1,024cpt IP67 DOWNLOAD
ES25 Sealed 2.5" 2,048cpt IP67 DOWNLOAD
EX11 Series 1.3" 1,024cpt IP40 DOWNLOAD
GHM9 Series 90mm 10,000cpt IP65 DOWNLOAD
H20 Series  GEN2 2" 4,096cpt NEMA4 & 13 DOWNLOAD
H25 Series GEN2 2.5" 72,000cpt NEMA4 DOWNLOAD
H38 Series 3.8" 72,000cpt NEMA4X & 6 DOWNLOAD
H40 Shock Proof 4" 10,000cpt NEMA4X & 6, 13 IP66 DOWNLOAD
HS20 Series  2" 1,024cpt IP64 DOWNLOAD
HS22 Series 2.2" 2,540cpt NEMA5 & 12 DOWNLOAD
HS25 Series  GEN2 2.5" 2,048cpt NEMA4 & 13 IP65 DOWNLOAD
HS35 Drawworks Series 3.5" 5,000cpt NEMA4 & 13 IP65 DOWNLOAD
HS35  Series 3.5" 80,000cpt NEMA4 & 13 IP65 DOWNLOAD
HS45 Series 4.5" 8,192cpt NEMA4 & 13 IP65 DOWNLOAD
KHM5-KHK5-KHO5 Series Fixed and Programmable with Communication Tracks 58mm 10,000cpt IP65/IP67 DOWNLOAD
L25 Series  2.5" 28,800cpt NEMA2 IP43 DOWNLOAD
LP35 Series  3.5" 10,000cpt IP66 DOWNLOAD


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