Klixon® 20425

Temperature Switches

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Manufacturer: Sensata Klixon®

High current defrost thermostats


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Klixon® 20425 Series thermostats are fixedsetting, low-cost snap-action temperature controls designed with sealed construction for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications. The 20425 Series is available in singlepole, single-throw (SPST) or single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) automatic reset configurations.
All operating parts and lead connections are contained within a metal cup which is filled with an epoxy resin compound to completely seal out moisture, dust and other contamination.

Temperature actuation is initiated by the Klixon snap-action bi-metallic disc. The snap-action of the disc provides fast, accurate switching.
The disc is located at the bottom of the cup where thermal change at the mounting point is quickly transmitted to give this product a high degree of thermal sensitivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely sealed thermostat
  • Resists shock and vibration regardless of mounting position - Klixon® snapaction thermal disc assures positive make/break action.
  • Splash proof enclosure - sealed against dirt and moisture.
  • High capacity - up to 25 amp, 120 and 240 VAC resistive. UL recognized for 100,000 cycles. (SA995)
  • Tamperproof - temperatures are factory set.
  • Automatic reset - recycles automatically.


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