Klixon® 6AP series

Motor Protectors

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Manufacturer: Sensata Klixon®

Motor Protector


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As a world leader in automotive motor protection, Sensata Technologies has developed the 6AP to operate in wide temperature and current ranges, while providing consistent performance characteristics and excellent reliability. CAD based design techniques combined with 6-Sigma supported manufacturing lines and the best quality control systems give this product maximum safety and reliability. The 6AP operates as a sensitive power cut-out which is widely used in Window-Lifts, Adjuster-Motors, Wipers, Door-Locks and various other applications. One protector series covers a broad range of applications, thus providing the flexibility to customize a particular rating based on the specific requirements of universal applications. But let’s find out what really makes the 6AP perform its job as it does: the Sensata Klixon® control

Klixon® snap-action controls

The Klixon® disc is made of a combination of different metals with a predetermined calibration point. When heated, one of the metals expands more than the other, causing the disc to snap. As a world leader in bimetal technology and bimetal-based devices, Sensata Technologies has set its goals of constant improvement and maximum reliability during years of operation and thousands of cycles.

Design and operating principles

The 6AP is manufactured on fully automatic equipment, custom-designed to meet the various requirements of today’s automotive industry. The compact 6AP metal housing with integrated terminal holds the pre-set Klixon® snap-action bimetal disc. The split plate carries a resistive S-shaped wire which provides additional current sensitivity. The advanced contact system - one on the bimetal disc and one on the plate - in combination with the strong disc guarantees a long life and reliable cycling. The operating principle of the 6AP is both simple and effective. The protector is actuated by current passing through and by heat received from the ambient temperature. The electrical circuit is interrupted when the disc reaches its preset temperature. As the device cools down to a safe temperature again, the contacts automatically reset. Each 6AP temperature rating has a bimetal disc specifically manufactured for that rating. Each device is calibrated and checked for opening-temperature. This results in optimum characteristics and consistent performance over the required life.

Serving the customer

Just provide us with your specifications concerning specific current and temperature rise conditions and we will select a matching 6AP motor protector and provide you with samples. But we do more than that. A skilled staff is available to perform application testing and protector selection in a well-equipped laboratory with sophisticated, state-ofthe- art equipment. In close cooperation with the customer we develop the optimum solution, providing the lowest cost of ownership and thus increasing your competitive advantage. If motor testing and assembly are required on a larger scale, pilot series for your verification.

Key Benefits

  • Thermal motor protection reacting to both current and temperature
  • Wide variety of standard terminal configurations
  • Terminal material provides trouble-free welding
  • Eligible for customer part number printed on product as well as color-coding
  • Varying of both bimetal and S-wire resistivity creates a current-time characteristic optimized for each specific application
  • Unique combination of bimetal disc and resistivity wire guarantees very precise tripping times thus prevents too high motor temperature
  • Protector selection and application testing by Sensata Technologies laboratory with results in extended report at your service


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