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Manufacturer: Maxtec

O2 Sensor for Automotive - 3 pin Molex connector


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Maxtec oxygen sensors are recognized as the number one choice for sensor replacement by hospitals and equipment manufacturers worldwide. No matter the application, you can trust Maxtec sensors to provide longer life and more stable readings to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Part Number:  R108P50


  • Range of Measurement: 0 to 25% vol O2
  • Output Range: 8.0 to 14.0 mV
  • Response Time: ≤ 5 s
  • Expected Lifetime: 500,000 %O2 hours
  • Temperature Compensation: NTC
  • Operational Temperature Range: 0˚ to 50˚C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20˚ to 50˚C
  • Humidity Range: -0.03% RH
  • Ambient Pressure Range: 700-1750 mbar
  • Interference: Per EN ISO 80601-2-55
  • Electrical Interface: 3-pin Molex


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