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Pressure Sensors

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    Manufacturer: Merit Sensor

    TR Series pressure sensor Evaluation Kit


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    MeriTREK – TR Evaluation Kit A convenient solution to quickly assess the TR Series pressure sensor.

    GramsThe TR Series pressure sensor is a rugged, direct-media pressure monitoring solution designed for today’s toughest pressure sensing environments. The TR Series pressure transducer is a fully compensated, amplified output pressure sensor package combining Merit Sensor’s Sentium process harsh media MEMS piezoresistive die with state-of-the-art pressure sensor ASIC signal management.

    • Stainless steel housing (1/4»NPT connection)
    • TR-Series face seal ready
    • Easy to handle (fixing screw)
    • Valid reliability test support
    • Suggested temperature range : 0..85°C
    • 1..35bar gage/absolute pressure range supported (TR-Series)
    • HNBR O-ring (interchangble for different media)
    • TR-Series final application design-in suggestion (sealing)
    • Enjoy all TR-Series features without any external components
    • TR-Series TR1-0100A-001 (included)