Another victim of the road

10 May 2023

Unfortunately we witness the umpteenth road tragedy involving a heavy vehicle and a cyclist - it happened yesterday in Milan...

The "Corriere della Sera" article reminds us that it is the third accident with the same dynamic since the beginning of the year.

It should be noted that technology provides us with provenly reliable tools to avoid similar tragedies and give valid support to drivers, guaranteeing everyone greater safety and peace of mind in daily activities.

The problem of blind spots on heavy vehicles and vehicles is fatally well known and since the 1960s, attempts have been made to find a way to support drivers and thus avoid unnecessary tragedies - the simplest and most direct solutions involved the use of larger mirrors positioned in critical areas of the vehicle, others use buzzers and audible alarms to warn in case of reversing - these are passive solutions with very limited effectiveness.

Great strides have currently been made in the active safety devices: We at GVZ Components have been offering a simple and easy to integrate solution, specifically designed for heavy duty  vehicles; PreView, a line of devices with radar technology capable of constantly monitoring the presence of people and objects in the blindspot zones out of the driver's field of view and to warn him promptly via audio-visual signaling in the event of potential risks. PreView's proven radar technology is the result of decades of development and is characterized by great robustness and reliability - it means that it always works, in any environmental situation, rain, snow, fog, mud and dust...

There is already a European regulation which obliges the integration of active safety devices in heavy duty vehicles by June 2024 but unfortunately we only remember it on the occasion of tragic events such as the one mentioned above. When people's lives are at stake, it is necessary to be far-sighted and prevent the worst.


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