Woman Hit and Killed by Amsa Truck in Milan

19 September 2023

A 75-year-old elderly woman has become the latest victim of Milan's roads in this tragic year of 2023.

Mrs. Antonina, affectionately known as "Nina," was crossing the intersection between Trasimeno and San Mamete, seemingly on the pedestrian crossing. She was perhaps on her way to a medical appointment or the nearby bakery. Right at the corner of Via Trasimeno, an Amsa truck, coming from the same direction, made a right turn, stopping shortly after the pedestrian crossing due to a line of cars ahead. Unfortunately, when the truck resumed its journey, tragedy struck. The urban sanitation vehicle collided with Antonina from behind and dragged her for almost eighty meters, coming to a stop only in front of an auto repair shop at number 8. The driver, who remained at the scene throughout the morning with local police, claimed not to have seen her and not to have noticed anything. He only stopped when witnesses yelled and called for help. It appears that even the victim shouted, "stop." The evidence of this tragic incident is clearly visible on the asphalt, surrounded by traces of chalk left by the officers: a shoe was found not far from the truck, which was stopped with its hazard lights on.

This is just the latest victim of Milan's roads in 2023

a year that has already seen the deaths of five cyclists and seven other individuals in road accidents. The series of fatal accidents began on January 10th with the tragic death of 95-year-old Angela Bisceglia, who was hit by a reversing van on the sidewalk on Via Valassina. Less than a month later, on March 7th, Federico Cafarella, aged 25, was tragically killed by an Atm bus while crossing the road on Via Arici.

On July 15th, another tragedy occurred on Viale Fulvio Testi, where a motorcycle struck 75-year-old Luciano Avigliano, causing his nearly instant death. In August, there were two tragedies in less than a month: on the 1st, Karl Nasr, an 18-year-old on vacation in the city with his parents, was crushed against a pole by a supercar on Viale Umbria, while on the morning of the 28th, 89-year-old Nicola Zezza died after a collision with a taxi on Via Pecorari, right in the city center. In September, the toll became even more tragic.

On September 8th, a 77-year-old woman lost her life on Via Inganni when she was involved in an accident in which a car overturned after colliding with another vehicle. On the night of the 17th, just a few hours ago, it was the turn of 28-year-old Vassil Facchetti, who was struck by a Mercedes on Viale Jenner after a night out at a nightclub with friends. The 30-year-old driver surrendered only 16 hours later, after pretending that his car had been stolen. On the morning of the 18th, at 11 o'clock, the last tragedy occurred on Via Trasimeno, just a few steps from "Nina's" home.

The solution

Tragedies like these can be easily prevented through the use of radar technology applied to heavy vehicles. Here at GVZ Components, we offer blind-spot monitoring solutions specifically designed for vehicles and heavy machinery. By utilizing a combination of radar and monitors, the driver is alerted in real-time to the presence of people and objects near the vehicle. These systems are easy to implement and can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles. Furthermore, the municipal authorities in Milan have also mandated access to Zones B and C only for vehicles equipped with such devices. Let's work together for everyone safety.


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