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Manufacturer: Sensata Airpax®

Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Protectors


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IAL/IUL/IEL/LEL magnetic circuit protectors provide low-cost power switching, reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international marketplace.

IAL models are for those applications where the unit’s inherent attributes are desired, but compliance with the various standards is not required.
IUL models have been tested and approved in accordance with UL 1077 requirements for UL recognition. IEL/LEL models are VDE approved to VDE 0660, part 101.
They meet IEC spacing requirements, mandatory for equipment which must comply with IEC specifications 601 and 950, and VDE specifications 0804 and 0805.
In addition, the IEL models are UL recognized to UL 1077 as supplementary protectors and the LEL models are UL listed under the conditions of UL 489. Both are CSA certified and CCC Approved.
The IEL is CSA certified as a supplementary protector per CSA C22.2–No. 235.

The CEL model has achieved two new enhancements, including a single pole, 125 amp rating with TÜV approval, and a parallel 4-pole version with 400 amp rating. Airpax™ IAL/CEL/LEL circuit protectors are available in a wide variety of configurations, including series, series with auxiliary switch, shunt and relay with choice of delays and ratings in DC and/or 50/60Hz or 400Hz versions.
Single or multi-pole versions are available with a variety of pole arrangements to meet your specifications. Please see the appropriate product specification table for ratings and limitations.


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