Klixon® F Series

Circuit breakers

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Manufacturer: Sensata Klixon®

35 to 150 Amp Surface Mount Thermal Circuit Breaker


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The KLIXON® F series thermal breaker series are designed for surface mount applications and are available with automatic trip, manual reset, trip indication, and a switchable option in a single device.
The internal components are enclosed in a vibration resistant, weatherproof, robust casing to provide protection in the harshest environments found in heavy truck, off-road, marine and construction applications.
The F series thermal breakers are designed to combine trip-free protection with fast response time.
Terminal studs are available in 1/4” or a larger 3/8” option to allow higher torque connections and provide wider spacing for heavy gauge wire lugs.


  • 30VDC, 35 to 150 Amps
  • Weatherproof, ignition protected, trip-free design
  • Stronger housing material for increased robustness
  • Ability to accommodate heavy gauge wire lugs across terminal studs
  • SAE J1625 surface vehicles circuit breaker standards
  • SAE J1171 marine circuit breaker standards
  • Meets 5000 amps @ 12VDC for interrupt capacity per ABYC E-11, DC electrical systems of boats


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