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Manufacturer: Sensata Technologies

Resettable Crash Sensor


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Sensata Technologies’ 360° Resettable Crash Sensors directly shut down the fuel pump or main contactor upon vehicle impact, reducing the risk of fire and electrical shock in post-crash situations. These devices are a low cost solution to vehicle safety requirements and approved for vehicle installation by major automotive manufacturers worldwide. Sensata Technologies is an IATF registered company. We provide world-class quality products error free and on time.


  • Unique magnet restrained mass inertia mechanism
  • Rated at 10 Amps electrical load
  • Manually resettable
  • Shock calibration ranges available between 8g and 30g
  • Stops fuel pump or electrical system operation
  • Secondary circuit provides additional function


  • Reduces the risk of fire following a crash
  • Responsive to 360° impact
  • Ability to trigger GPS distress signal
  • Capable of carrying fuel-pump load
  • Sensory feedback
  • Customized for various installations


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