Gas Detectors

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Manufacturer: Riken Keiki

Optical Interferometric gas monitor


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Main Features

  • Common platform (Main/Sensor/Pump) for all detection methods
  • Universal main unit (All sensor types)
  • Multifunctional sensor unit (New Intelligent Sensor)
  • No internal tubing (Main unit) /No coil (Pump unit)
  • Front access/No tool required/Easy replacement of sensor and pump
  • Large size LCD (Easily viewable)
  • Minimal maintenance cost through enhanced troubleshooting firmware functions Smallest mounting space
  • Simple upgrade from old units
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Global standard

Measurement principle

The gas concentration is detected from the amount of movement of interference fringes that occur due to the difference in the refractive indexes of the sample gas and reference gas.
Features: almost no degradation of sensor sensitivity.
Even if the light source level drops, there is no change in the positions of interference fringes. = no change in sensor sensitivity.
This design differs from ordinary optical sensors as it is less susceptible to decreases in light source level or a dirty chamber, and as there is no change in the sensitivity, it is a high-reliability sensor.

Enhanced self-diagnostic function

(compatible with MODBUS communications)
The FI-900 has enhanced self-diagnostic functions to constantly monitor self-diagnostic parameters like the 10 items shown in the table on the right, while diagnosing operating conditions of the device or its usage environment.
It is compatible with MODBUS communications to constantly monitor not only gas concentrations but also the state of the measurement device. Log data is also recorded on the measurement device, and can be checked to identify causes quickly on site if faults occur with the device.


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