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Extremely fast response CO2 sensor (50 readings/sec)

The new SprintIR®-R is the fastest CO2 sensor on the market. Benefiting from a response rate which is 2.5 X faster than the SprintIR®-6S, the R is the fastest response NDIR CO2 sensor available today*.

The sensor takes 50 readings per second, which makes it ideal for high speed sensing requirements, and for measuring rapidly changing CO2 levels.

The SprintIR®-R measures up to 100% CO2 concentration, and comes fitted with a flow-through adaptor.

The sensor is easy to use as it communicates via a simple UART Interface.

With a compact design, the R can be easily integrated into measurement and detection systems. Its low power requirement also makes it ideal for battery powered systems, including portable, wearable and self-powered applications as it only requires 3.3 v.

SprintIR®-R is built on our unique patented LED technology platform and optical designs. It’s this solid-state technology that enables best-in-class speed, power consumption, and durability.

Main Features

  • Measure up to 100% CO2 concentration
  • Non-heating
  • RoHS compliant
  • Solid State
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Digital (UART) output
  • Low power
  • Miniature size
  • Robust
  • Very fast response
Applications IndustrialMedicalFood
Target Gas Carbon dioxide - CO2
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